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Tuesday 01. October 2013 - Wednesday 30. September 2015

The main objective of Expero4Care is to certificate the first standard to evaluate the learning outcome in healthcare’s life long learning (doctors, nurses, social workers and technicians) based on Expero model. The model consists of transferring the Expero model which is already certificated such as quality’s standard of the learning outcome from vocational education (VET) to the healthcare training.

Comparing the LdV priority, the project follows the EQAVET recommendation giving the right tool to monitor and improve the quality guarantee systems in training.

Organisation: Hanketta koordinoi SS1 TS Italiasta, VAMK on hankkeessa partnerina.
Funding: Leonardo Da Vinci, LLP
Overall Budget: 38 287 €

Contact Information:

projektipäällikkö Pirjo Peltomäki, puh. 0207 663 528, sähköposti:

Categories: health care and social services


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