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EVA: Transfer of VALUE ANALYSIS (VA) Technology to the field of industrial applications with environmental effects. Design of the EVA (Environment–VA) Technology

Wednesday 01. March 2000 - Friday 31. January 2003

This project aims to transfer VA technology to the field of environmental issues. The consortium consists of three technical partners representing VA and environmental management expertise, and of three end-user companies. The SMEs (end-users) have been chosen to represent different sectors and different processes to develop and test a general EVA methodology that may be later transferred to all sectors and circumstances.

Organisation: Spain: IAT - Instituto Andaluz de Tecnología (co-ordinator), ACYCO (food processing), Portugal: CEV – Consultores em Engenharia do Valor, APADIL (plastics), Finland: Vaasa Polytechnic, UPC-konsultointi (printing house).
Funding: EC 5th FP “Innovation and Technology Transfer”.
Overall Budget: 400 000 €

Contact Information:

Senior Lecturer Adebayo Agbejule Tel. +358 207 663 301, e-mail: Principal Lecturer Juha Nieminen Tel. +358 207 663 395, e-mail:

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