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Creative Strategic Foresight (CSF)

Saturday 01. October 2011 - Monday 30. September 2013

CSF - Creative Strategic Foresight project (2011‒2013) aims to develop and test a study module which combines creativity with strategic thinking and applied research with education. The study module will assists the tertiary level bachelor students of business and economy and engineering to develop their competences in evaluating and foreseeing changes in business environment, to foster students’creative capacities in strategic thinking, and to become able to adapt information and innovate.

The study module creates a model of how to combine research with education and business life. It provides students with up-to-date applied research and entrepreneurial information. For example, researchers are involved in teaching, and students participate in applied research. Research and educational material is obtained from companies and other organisations. This will create a realistic enterprise and society oriented framework for the content of the study module. The CSF study module will be a co-creative environment, which develops new insights and holistic thinking. It integrates different competencies, such as design, business and technology. The study module will be provided in English, and it will combine face-to-face teaching, learning platforms and social media.

Western Finland Design Centre Muova (Aalto University School of Art and Design – University of Vaasa)

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences VAMK;
University of Primorska, The Faculty of Management Koper UP FM;
Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Campus Roskilde (Business & IT) ZIBAT;
Institute for postgraduate studies - division at UNWE, Management Skills Development Centre;
F2INNOVA, S.L, Project department

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Organisation: Coordinator: Muova
Funding: EU LLP, Erasmus Multilateral Project
Overall Budget: 381 594 €

Contact Information:

VAMK: Satu Lautamäki

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