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How to Get a Practical Trainee to an Own Organisation?

The employers can send a search announcement to the practice co-ordinators of the University of Applied Sciences in which it is good to tell about the company briefly, to what kind of assignments and from other conditions of the practice relation, such as a possible employment, the trainee is applied for. The employers can also put their announcements from as regular jobs, from the practice jobs and summer jobs as a project and a thesis to a free national recruiting system in the address

The student contacts directly an employer and they among themselves agree on the conditions of the practical training period. The student makes a report of the practice which also contains the self-assessment from the realisation of objectives set for the period. From the training period the reference or practice certificate is given.

The practice co-ordinators of VAMK give additional information willingly.

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  • Mechanical Engineering: Lotta Saarikoski, Head of Degree Programme
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