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Employ yourself

Entrepreneur-like way of action is valued in the working life. Both entrepreneurs and employees need entrepreneurial skills and views. The attitude and readiness acquired during education have a great impact on how the young take to their work and entrepreneurship.

The aim at Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu VAMK, University of Applied Sciences is to promote knowledge, skills and attitudes the students need during their studies and later in the working life. We rise to this challenge by bringing perspectives of entrepreneurship and business competence to all of our degree programmes. Our entrepreneurial training supports the entrepreneur-like way of action, gives information on entrepreneurship and provides a readiness of entrepreneurship.

The teaching presents students with opportunities to channel their skills in other ways than getting employed by someone else. In the entrepreneurial learning environment, the teacher ensures the matters that need to be learnt and the student directs actively their own learning. Also, current information on what is useful is collected from the business life.

First the students are equipped with sufficient information on what entrepreneurship, enterprise and business competence are. Then the students get the opportunity to supplement their knowledge and study in the spirit of entrepreneurship. The students also get in contact with the role of the entrepreneur.

The students get to try out entrepreneurship in the active business incubator related to different fields of study. In the Business Factory, students can develop their entrepreneurship and business competence by planning and developing the business operations of a real cooperative enterprise. An experienced entrepreneur can act as a mentor. The students are also supported by their team instructors and expert organisations of the region. Entrepreneurship is also promoted with educational means by a principal lecturer at VAMK.

An essential part of the polytechnic studies is the practical training period which furthers comprehension of learned information and prepares the students for the shift to working life. VAMK is involved in close cooperation with the working life of the region in order to ensure interesting work placements for the students. Especially the small and medium enterprises have a significant role in supporting the entrepreneurial attitude of the students.