All About VAMK


VAMK has approximately 1395 engineering students within the fields of:

  • Energy Technology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Project Management

The education in the school of technology is characterized by principles of sustainable development and training for the challenges of rapidly changing global markets. Most of the students' final theses are made in close cooperation with working life, which is enabled by established contacts with the region's  industries.

The recently renovated main building for engineering education of VAMK is located on the Palosaari seaside campus in Vaasa. The technology research centre Technobothnia provides the students an up-to-date study and training environment.

Jorma Tuominen Director of Unit, School of Technology

Lotta Saarikoski Head of Degree Programme; Civil Engineering, Energy Technology, Environmental Technology and Mechanical Engineering, ECTS Departmental Coordinator in Mechanical Engineering
Juha Nieminen Head of Degree Programme; Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Riitta Niemelä Senior Lecturer; ECTS Departmental Coordinator in Civil Engineering, Energy Technology and Environmental Technology
Seppo Mäkinen Principal Lecturer; ECTS Departmental Coordinator in Information Technology
Vesa Verkkonen Principal Lecturer; ECTS Departmental Coordinator in Electrical Engineering