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Student services

Providing support throughout your studies

The studies at VAMK University of Applied Sciences are diverse, wide-ranging and are optional basis. The Student Services help the student with achieving the goal for the studies throughout all of the stages of the studies. Student Services are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Orientation Days: During the first days freshmen meet their group leader in their respective study groups. The group leader is a teacher who familiarises the students with studies and study culture at VAMK. Tutors from the Student Union are also welcoming the freshmen and help out in the practicalities of starting of the study career at VAMK. The tutors for example show around the city and at the same time you get to meet all your peers.

Study Guidance: All of the VAMK staff support the student's welfare and growth in their field of studies through various student services. This guiding system covers the entire time of studies and aims at students committing to their studies right from the start. The group leader follows the progress of the students and regular development discussions are held at least once per academic year. Study Counselors are also available for advising with study plans.

Career Services: Students reinforce their education by completing a practical training period and gaining work experience. Career Services advise students regarding career planning and employment during the various stages of studies and when graduating.  Career Services give also assistance to different employers to recruit knowledgeable staff.

The Tritonia academic library serves research, education and studying at the institutions of higher education in Vaasa. Tritonia offers extensive printed and electronic collections on several fields, a modern learning environment, information services and training in information retrieval.

Dining: Student restaurants with café services are available on campus. The students get a meal support, meaning that a discounted price for a meal with a valid student card is from one euro to about three euros.

The Study Office advises and guides in all practical matters related to studies. The service includes among others keeping records of credits, certificates of completed credits and certificates of study.

Medical Services: City of Vaasa provides for the healthcare of VAMK students. Students have access to medical services as well as to psychologist services through health centers. Also, a public health nurse is available on campus.

IT Services: Students have access to numerous computer classrooms, as well as to Internet via free wireless network access. VAMK also offers students a reasonable amount of free of charge printing for the purposes of study. With VPN and Citrix distant-use servers students are able to use e.g. licensed software, and library databases. VAMK provides an anti-virus software for the students' personal computer for the duration of studies.

The student union VAMOK supports productive free time by organizing club- and sport activities and other events. The members of VAMOK have the opportunity to participate free of charge in different sport activities such as dance, fitness boxing, floorball as well as badminton and football. For balancing the studies different parties and celebrations are organized, of which the annual highlights are the Olutpialaiset initiation event for new students, Overall Jogging, Pre-Christmas celebration, and many more.